Food Traceability System

The system provides the entire story behind the product by tracking the entire supply chain from seed to retailers shelf reaching the retailer’s shelves. Using our 4 eyes principle, we have a total control on the data being generated on our platform. Our unified Food Traceability system with irrefutable controlled data system which will assure the Quality and Safety of food products on the platform and will come with total Transparency and Sustainability

Mobile Traceability System




B2B Global Marketplace

A food search platform enabling the market to select qualified, safe and recognizable food supplied with a track & trace data and a story behind each product. Qualified and accredited suppliers can seamlessly connect with genuine buyers looking to offer complete transparency and safe food to consumers. We deal in all 5 food categories:

Fruits and vegetables overhead assortment colorful background green, yellow to red

Fruits & Vegetables

Homemade lasagne bolognese

Processed Food

Milk and eggs

Dairy & Eggs

Raw organic chicken breast on a dark slate, stone, concrete or metal background.Top view with copy space.

Meat & Poultry

Fresh salmon steak with a variety of seafood and herbs. On black rustic background